Information from Practices

First Practice, April 20, 2022:

I was so glad to see our turnout for First Practice, and I hope even more of you can make it next week! Next week will also be our first Parade and Drill practice of the season; our Drill Mistress wants a head count of who is interested in doing Parade and Drill so do your best to be at practice so you can let her know.

Now on to some procedural stuff: Unfortunately, as costs are on their way up across the board, the District voted to increase dues by $10. Though there hasn’t yet been any talk from the State on this issue, they could still pass an emergency increase at the next State meeting. To account for this possibility, the dues for competing members this year is now $125. If the State doesn’t pass an emergency increase, then I will be happy to refund $10 back to you once dues are handled. Non-competing members dues are still the same for now at $60. (See the website’s Membership page for more detailed information on the kinds of memberships there are.)

Each week, practice will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. This means you need to be on your horse, warmed up, and ready to ride when the whistle for Parade and Drill is blown. For non-Parade and Drill nights, club meeting will start at 7:00 pm, and we’ll begin events directly afterwards. The arena is ours starting at 5:00 pm, so if you need to come early to work a horse down, please do. Kerry and I are usually at the arena about 6:00 pm to work show events like Reining and Pleasure, so if that’s something you’re interested in, please join us.

For Parade and Drill: We’re bringing back our Zorro music from 2012 in order to be Spanish flamenco dancers! The costumes for this year are split between a masculine and feminine look, as riders prefer. As a baseline, all riders must have: a black Western hat, a white long-sleeve button down shirt, black pants, and a black saddle pad or saddle pad cover. For the masculine look, a black vest; for the feminine look, a black under- or overbust corset. All other required gear (such as the fun, colorful skirts) will be provided by the Drill Mistress. As desired, riders can add bling and feathers to bands to wear on their black hats.

For time offs: if you’re familiar with how they ran last year, that’s going to be the same idea this year. For anyone unfamiliar with the new system, time offs are how we decide who runs Single Poles, Single Barrels, and Single Keyhole, as well as who forms the A Team, B Team, and C Team for each of those three events. Each week, Eric will be at practice and will be prepared to time either or both of the two main events set up each night (Barrels, Poles, and Keyhole on a rotation; see the website’s Weekly Event Schedule to know what’s being run each week). You may run as many times as you’d like on all the events across all the weeks the events are offered until time offs close on June 29. Once time offs close, Eric will still be there to time, but they won’t have any effect on who rides the events. I will look at all the times run across every practice to find the people with the three fastest times on each event; these three people will run Singles. These same three people will start our A Team and will be joined by the first and second alternates in each event (the fourth and fifth fastest times, respectively), making for our five person A Team. The next five fastest riders will be our B Team and, if we have enough, we can have a final five members on the C Team. If it isn’t explicitly clear: you must run at least one time on an event you want to be in, unless you only want to be on a team to fill a spot. Specifically, If you want to run Singles, you’ve got to make the top three times in the club and, if you want to run on the A Team, your times need to be in the top five.

In order to help me know exactly which events you’re most interested in, please complete the Event Interest Sheet either online or at practice. Eric will have printed copies of the Event Interest Sheet each week at practice, and you can fill them out and turn them back over. The Event Interest Sheets have been a very useful way for me to know exactly which events you’re most interested in competing in so I can prioritize your interests where I can. Similarly, if you haven’t completed the Membership Form, please do so! It allows me to confirm your information for the roster very quickly, and it’s much appreciated.

Lastly, the full list of dates for the year is on the Calendar page, but I’ll go over theme here too:

April 30, 2022 – Spring Trail Ride! Join us in Dimple Dell for a spring jaunt (provided the weather is good). We’ll be starting from the eastern trailhead (the Dimple Dell Trailhead, on Google Maps) starting about 10:00 am. This is meant to be just an easy-going ride around just to get out of the arena and enjoy chatting with friends outside the arena. Let me know if you’re interested in a trail ride so I have some idea of a headcount.

May 7, 2022 – District 3 Potluck! Each year, the District puts together an awards ceremony to celebrate those who won High Point at the last District show. There’s also an auction where all the proceeds go to the District. This year, each club is bringing a smoked meat for a cooking competition, and there should be plenty of other excellent food. At the Main Street Park and Pavilion in Herriman, 5916 W 13100 S, behind Fire Station 103; games and Happy Hour starts at 4:00 pm, and dinner starts at 5:00 pm.

May 25, 2022 – Dues paid and Event Interest Sheets in! Dues paid after this date incur a minimum of $10 in administrative fees. Don’t make me charge that to anyone this year! If you’re not 100% sure which events you really want to be in by this point, that’s fine, but have a Sheet in with some ideas at least, if you’re a competing member.

June 11, 2022 – Summer Trail Ride

June 18, 2022 – District 3 Kid’s Show. If you’ve got kids who would have fun at a free show, come talk to me so I can get you details.

June 29, 2022 – Time offs close! Times run after this date are for your own uses, and no longer have an effect on event placements.

August 19 and 20, 2022 – District 3 USWRCA Show at the Herriman arena

August 26 and 27, 2022 – North Region USWRCA Show at the Wasatch County Event Complex in Heber

September 9 and 10, 2022 – State USWRCA show at the Triple C Arena in Panguitch

And, with that, I believe that covers all the major information for the year, with some details left to be filled out as they become available and relevant. If you have any questions or concerns, please call, text, email (I may even understand a smoke signal or two) so I can get you answers or get your concerns addressed.

Types of Membership

There are several levels of membership when it comes to riding club, based on your goals and circumstances.

Competing Members - $125 (includes membership to USWRCA)

Non-Competing Members - $60 (only membership to South Oquirrh)

Non-Riding Members - $0

To start, there are those riding with South Oquirrh to compete at the USWRCA shows; generally called competing members, these members pay dues to USWRCA, District 3, and South Oquirrh in one bundle totaling $125. While there isn't a strict attendance requirement, competing members are expected to be at practice as often as they can, especially when competing in team events like Parade and Drill. Even individuals riding only in individual events should be at practice as much as possible. However, one major expectation for competing members is availability and attendance at the shows, except in cases of sudden emergencies. That said, competing at the shows is great fun, so don't let the expectation of attendance scare anyone off.

**Update to Competing dues: As of March 17, the District 3 dues went up to account for higher costs. Unfortunately, it's likely that USWRCA dues may also go up. If USWRCA dues do not go up, Competing Members will get a $10 refund on 2022 dues.**

If someone wants to ride with the club but doesn't want the pressure of competing in or can't make the USWRCA shows, or for any other reason doesn't want to be a competing member, these non-competing members can pay $60 in dues to South Oquirrh only. Non-competing members can come to practice as oftenor as littleas their schedule allows, and don't have any particular expectation to be available for the shows. This is a great option for those who may have a prior commitment on show dates, or for those who want an introduction to what a USWRCA riding club is like, or for any other reason.

Lastly, for no cost at all, one can join as a non-riding member. While non-riding members cannot use the arena, these members are welcome to join the club on trail rides, hang out at the arena and the shows, and enjoy club and District potlucks and barbeques.

Dues are required by the last Wednesday in May, May 25, 2022. After that, members can still pay their dues, but are charged an additional $10 as an administrative fee (competing dues would be $135, non-competing dues would be $70). Dues paid after June 14, 2022 are late to USWRCA and charged a $20 administrative/late fee for competing members (making them $145).

Membership Form

2022 Parade and Drill Theme

This year's theme for Parade and Drill is the return of our Zorro theme from 2013: we will be Spanish flamenco dancers!

The costume for this year will be split between a masculine and feminine look. All team members must have black Western hats, a white long-sleeve button down shirt, and black pants. Hats are encouraged to be customized as the rider would like with bling or feathers. For the horses, a black saddle pad or black saddle pad cover.

For the masculine look, a black vest is required. For the feminine look, a black corset (either under- or overbust) is required. All other required gear to finalize the costumes will be provided by the Drill Mistress.

Previous Parade and Drill Themes

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2021 Dundie Awards

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