First of the Year Information

With the struggles the club has been having in terms of membership, South Oquirrh Hills' dues are set at $80, matching the $80 for USWRCA dues and making dues for competing members a total of $160. For non-competing members, dues are only $80.

Dues are required by May 17, 2023 or they are considered late. Late dues incur a $10 administrative fee. Dues paid after May 31, 2023 are late to USWRCA so competing members would have a $20 administrative fee.

Time offs will close July 19, 2023. Times run after that date will not have an effect on Singles and Teams, but you can continue to ride and time as much as you'd like in order to improve.improve. If you want to compete in Barrels, Poles, or Keyhole, you must run at least one time before or on July 19.

Types of Membership

There are several levels of membership when it comes to riding club, based on your goals and circumstances.

Competing Members - $160 (includes membership to USWRCA)

Non-Competing Members - $80 (only membership to South Oquirrh Hills)

Non-Riding Members - $0

To start, there are those riding with South Oquirrh to compete at the USWRCA shows; generally called competing members, these members pay dues to USWRCA, District 3, and South Oquirrh in one bundle totaling $160. While there isn't a strict attendance requirement, competing members are expected to be at practice as often as they can, especially when competing in team events like Parade and Drill. Even individuals riding only in individual events should be at practice as much as possible. However, one major expectation for competing members is availability and attendance at the shows, except in cases of sudden emergencies. That said, competing at the shows is great fun, so don't let the expectation of attendance scare anyone off.

If someone wants to ride with the club but doesn't want the pressure of competing in or can't make the USWRCA shows, or for any other reason doesn't want to be a competing member, these non-competing members can pay $80 in dues to South Oquirrh only. Non-competing members can come to practice as oftenor as littleas their schedule allows, and don't have any particular expectation to be available for the shows. This is a great option for those who may have a prior commitment on show dates, or for those who want an introduction to what a USWRCA riding club is like, or for any other reason.

Lastly, for no cost at all, one can join as a non-riding member. While non-riding members cannot use the arena, these members are welcome to join the club on trail rides, hang out at the arena and the shows, and enjoy club and District potlucks and barbeques.

Dues are required by May 17, 2023. After that, members can still pay their dues, but are charged an additional $10 as an administrative fee (competing dues would be $170, non-competing dues would be $90). Dues paid after May 31, 2023 are late to USWRCA and charged a $20 administrative/late fee for competing members (making them $180).

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2023 Parade and Drill Theme

To be announced!

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